Mira Schor in Art in America

Saturday, April 16, 2011

This is very exciting. OK, it’s been out for two weeks already, but it’s still very exciting. We got our first review in Art in America, a national art magazine! And, it’s CB1 Gallery artist Mira Schor’s second review in the magazine.

The abandonment of explicit imagery or words and a reliance on the expressiveness of the paint itself to communicate leave us searching for clues, meditating on the paintings’ secrets. It appears as if Schor is finally, truly, “painting paint.”
–Constance Mallinson, Art in America

Read the entire review here.

Portrait of My Brain, 2007

Mira Schor, Portrat of My Brain, 2007

Also, Larry Mantello got a review in ArtScene’s April Continuing and Recommended list. It looked the show from a different angle.

His deliberately over-saturated boldness finally comes across as an attempt to exorcise the demons of pop-cultural overstimulation for our collective well-being.
–MS, ArtScene

Read the entire review on ArtScene. You have to scroll down pass halfway point of the page.