After thinking for a few days, I think I should go through the blog and pick out some posts to save. Keeping a little bit of history. I am also going to combine a couple of other blogs that I have into this one. One on Buddhist thoughts. Another on my Tarot journey.

I should get right on it already, right? 😄

It’s July 14, 2014. More than a year and a half since my last post. It does seem to be difficult to keep this blog going consistently. Well, I am thinking about restarting it again. My life has changed so much since I started Jason Knits. I have not been knitting or spinning, but I want to get back to it when I don’t have too many things on my plate. But talking about life, fabric of life, is still very much like talking about knitting, putting things together. So, I am keeping the name of the blog. I think the trick is not to only want to write serious posts. Maybe I need to just write whenever inspired. No matter if it is just some silly stuff.

Now here’s a question. What about the old stuff on the blog? I am feeling like starting over with this whole thing. Just wipe it clean and start a new journey. Good idea?

2012-13 Holidays

Paul Donald "Woulden" Installation

At first glance Paul Donald’s sculptures are brightly colored, cheerful and toy-like. Yet, they are a little odd, inviting you to take a closer inspection. Shapes that resemble animals and machinery at the same time, even phallic. Are they some strange creatures? weapons? someone’s trophies? I watched over these sculptures during November’s Downtown LA Art Walk. The most asked question was, “what are they made of?”

They are wood sculptures made by whittling with the exception of the shield-like components. Small pieces assembled together to give more reference to toys that children assemble at play. Spray painted in bright colors, they have a sheen that confuses people into thinking they are made of plastic, or some other material. Only one person at Art Walk recognized the marks left by whittling.

Paul invites people to examine and question what these pieces are, challenging our perception, how we recognize objects, letting our imagination do the work. These deceptively simple objects are packed with symbolic meanings. For example the whittled pieces look organic, resembling a creature out of our wild fantasies. Yet, they are combined with these meticulously crafted shields (or crests,) sometimes like a collar, sometimes like a trophy. Crests were used to show the heritage and power of a family or kingdom. These neatly crafted shields also strongly display human attention. This combination of the wild and a show of human strength brings a degree of sadness to the toy-like creatures. Domesticating the nature.

Paul Donald
October 29 – December 4, 2011

Read the press release. Hey, see, even the show title invites to wonder what it means. Wouldn’t, wooden?

GunpuppyPaul DonaldWallflower(leaky)Paul Donald "Woulden" InstallationPaul Donald "Woulden" Installation

Last post was on July 23, 2011. Wow, I thought it had only been a couple of months since I last posted. Have been busy with the family business thing in China, not the good kind of busy. Busy enough to not have posted about our recent and current shows. Will be doing that very soon, plus a review or two.